in the details: you

There are times when we are not ready to receive information that you are given. For years, people say the same thing repeatedly and we are just not trying to hear it. Until one day, it all makes sense. That definitely happened to me last week. I went to visit my homeboy in the hospital.... Continue Reading →

qotw: Like Beyoncé

  This quote  by G. K. Nielson reminds me of a Virgo who was born 36 years ago: Beyoncé! I have huge admiration for Beyoncé’s work ethic. The mega star that Beyonce is today did not happen only because of her beauty or dancing or who her husband is. None of these guarantee success or staying... Continue Reading →

Being Black in Silicon Valley

Recently, Fast Company published an article on diversity by By J.J. McCorvey  titled  "Just Being Who We Are Is Extremely Risky": An Honest Discussion On Race In Silicon Valley". Its a roundtable discussion with nine African-American tech leaders that may teach you something. The discussion includes the following: Lack of diversity in Silicon Valley STEM in Black households Hiring odds for blacks and... Continue Reading →

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