in the details: you

There are times when we are not ready to receive information that you are given. For years, people say the same thing repeatedly and we are just not trying to hear it. Until one day, it all makes sense. That definitely happened to me last week. I went to visit my homeboy in the hospital. His health isn’t the best, but he is slowly getting back to his old self.

Although I was happy to see him, I was feeling down about something. I told him what it was and he said, “No one is stopping you, but you. Anything is possible.” Considering he survived a horrific accident, it landed differently than all the other times that I heard those same words. Talk about context.

My reluctance in accepting such words resulted in knowing that systemic oppression was alive and well. Considering what is endured by people who are marginalized in every institution whether public or private, it was hard for me to co-sign such a statement. Morever, a rule of nature states that everyone is going to make. Don’t believe me, watch a nature channel—it’s real out there. My thoughts, however, lingered on his words because some people do make it, but how?

There are so many ways that it is “done.” You have the dream, the plan, the objectives, the support system(s), networking, capital, the work ethic, the ability to not let a “no” deter you and how to take constructive criticism, but most importantly showing up. This is 100% on you—unless you have representative. As for the systemic oppression, you have to figure out how to navigate that by learning how others did it because it can swallow you whole. Ask questions, talk to people who have “been there and done that.” I realize that I am being vague and its because the same blueprint won’t work for everyone, but you won’t know until you try. Onward!

Get well soon, Mr. D.

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  1. Donovan Lloyd Gillespie Avatar
    Donovan Lloyd Gillespie

    Great article

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