Conversations: For Kia and Steven

As the co-director of a CUNY undergraduate program, I have been fortunate to meet some amazing young people, who teach and inspire me. I had a conversation with two of them, Kia and Steven along with my director Lauren (aka L-Boogie/Boogs). At one point, Steven confesses that he appreciates his conversations with Kia because it... Continue Reading →

What are you holding?

When discussing things that trigger us, we hold things for different reasons… A while ago I was in a group discussion and we ended up talking about white privilege. A man who identified as biracial said a lot of things and used Marxism as his crux. One of the things that he said was blacks... Continue Reading →

The Black Dog Project…

I stumbled upon a pet photo series aiming to counter the 'black dog' theory... What??????:             So, even though some four-legged friends can lick their genitals then lick your face its OK, but if its fur is black—they’re not worthy to lick your face after licking their genitals much less owned?:  ... Continue Reading →

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