The Black Dog Project…

I stumbled upon a pet photo series aiming to counter the ‘black dog’ theory…








So, even though some four-legged friends can lick their genitals then lick your face its OK, but if its fur is black—they’re not worthy to lick your face after licking their genitals much less owned?:








And  this from an unproven theory (myth) that black dogs are “aggressive”…hmmmm…this narrative is beginning to sound rather familiar…:











For the record, if you are one of these people (like these dogs with their dark radiant coats) you are being judged:











For those who discriminate against these dogs with their flawless coats, you probably don’t even deserve such beautiful companions, so:








All images are from the Black Dog Project by photographer Fred Levy. Gorgeous images of gorgeous dogs. I could go into the parallels race/culture and fur, but I am going keep this one…light. But one of Mr. 3000 suits does come to mind:


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