qotw: Like Beyoncé


G.K. Nielson

This quote  by G. K. Nielson reminds me of a Virgo who was born 36 years ago: Beyoncé!

I have huge admiration for Beyoncé’s work ethic. The mega star that Beyonce is today did not happen only because of her beauty or dancing or who her husband is. None of these guarantee success or staying power. When I read old articles about the Houston-born songstress, the amount of time and dedication she invested in her projects was always mentioned (it was a lot.) Beyoncé’s commitment and diligence to her work made her an outlier—always separate from the rest. When Mrs. Carter toured the world and made her first visual album, Beyoncé, after having Blue Ivy, I was in awe at her ability to deliver in such a capacity. Beyoncé took her destiny in her own hands and succeeded on purpose.

Beyoncé, On the Run Tour, Dallas, Texas, 2014                                                                                                 Source: Beyoncé’s Tumblr

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