notes in the margin: “no.”


I will let you know.
Let me think about it.
Not a good fit.
I got you…

So what is the root of the fruits that I bear?

Rejection, a loss (an “L”), or said another way, “No.” Everyone faces rejection, but when it comes to my hustle and my passion, it has definitely made me more resilient and creative. My rejections have shaped my hustle and my work ethics, which have made me really particular of what and how I produce. Also, when I have a “Plan A”, 110% of times I also have a “Plan B” and beyond. I have more rejection coming my way and I’m cool with that because as Kendrick Lamar rapped on Nipsey Hussle’s “Dedication”:

“You take a loss, shit don’t cry about it, just embrace it
Minor setback for major comeback, that’s my favorite.”
Kendrick Lamar, “Dedication,”Nipsey Hussle

It’s my favorite, too…



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