qotw: “you don’t know this new me…”

“You don’t know this new me; I put back my pieces, differently.”

2018? No, now. I am not waiting to ring in the new year to make changes (read: resolution). I have been low key for a few reasons including life changing events and conversations which made me rearrange my focus and goals. It makes no sense to wait for January when today is here. I have been working on this new me for a while. I am still not changing to fit a mold, but making conscious and consistent efforts to be greater. I am still a work in progress, but excited about this new me. This is my gift to myself along with my 2018 planner and some funky new pens. So like Mrs. Carter’s “Freedom”: Tell the storm, the sweet, and the deep…I’m new.

Aglow II by Jeff Manning



2 responses to “qotw: “you don’t know this new me…””

  1. you too?!! I went into #VintageWendy mode before the New Year with new pens too!! it’s just SOMETHING about new pens that adds that extra spark! #aoooow

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