qotw: what suffers?

“Some things suffer”

By no means do I have things figured out. I’m learning new things every day. Experience and the others’ wisdom have been my guiding lights. One of those people is my home girl from college. Mother, entrepreneur and homeowner are a few ways to describe her. I watched an ambitious young woman grow her small business into an honored and recognized entity in her industry. A few years ago, I asked her, “How [does she] do it?” She looked at me and said, “Some things suffer.” The time and dedication to her goals doesn’t allow her to do everything. There are only 24 hours in a day, but she makes the most of it. The most is not everything and all of it, but she continues nevertheless. Not everything can have your attention. If you try to give everything your attention you will be spreading yourself thin and not doing a great job at it. I am learning to organize and prioritize to get the most of my days. With that being stated, I have to go now, but I wanted to make sure I was consistent with my quotes of the week. 🙂

Yeah, pretty much.

3 responses to “qotw: what suffers?”

  1. The balance of trying to be great *sigh*

  2. Donovan Gillespie Avatar
    Donovan Gillespie

    Multi-Tasking is over-rated I believe. Focus on one thing at a time is my motto.

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