qotw: a lil resilience


I had an application rejected last week, and the person who encouraged me to pursue the endeavor was pissed. As for me, I thought nothing of it.  I’m so used to rejection, I just threw it in the pile knowing there will be other opportunities. As long as the sun rises and there is air in my lungs, I will always be in the pursuit for better. I know a little resilience can go a long way. Currently, it’s cloudy in New York, but I know the sun is shining somewhere and soon it will shine on me. I’m good. You good?

4 responses to “qotw: a lil resilience”

  1. Donovan Gillespie Avatar
    Donovan Gillespie

    💪 never give up

  2. Rejection is all part of the process, dont sweat it!

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