Never Change 2.1

So, if you have been following this blog for a couple of years, you know I did a mini research project about Jay-Z and his rhymes. I re-upped and got a little bit more critical this time with Never Change 2.1. It does the same thing the old one did but with updated stats and more food for thought. Eat well and let me know what you think.


somewhere in Brooklyn,


2 responses to “Never Change 2.1”

  1. […] the Source that gave Jay four mikes for Reasonable Doubt because they lacked foresight. After my two analyses, his reconciliation with Harry Belafonte, his involvement with #BlackLivesMatter, the […]

  2. […] to do Never Change (Jay-Z’s mentioning with criminal references), which I took down and redid as Never Change 2.1 because I knew I could do better. I had so much material that I wrote Encore after (and I can […]

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