It’s Cold Outside

The ability to find balance in a cold world that objectifies and denies you can be a daunting task.
You need that fire to defy the cold.
You need that heat to keep your body mobile.
You need that light to navigate when the darkness gets too thick.
You need that glow that radiates from your eyes and smile.
You need that hotness to clap back when they got you twisted.
You need that passion so they know its real.
You need that energy when you are on fumes but the finish line is in reach.
You need that intensity to be unshakable.
You need that blaze for the path you are on.
You need that spark when you have lost your light and need to start over.
You need that warmth to share with those who need it and/or haven’t learned theirs exist.
You need that fire to survive.


Hold on though, with this vitality comes great responsibility. Throwing flames just because you can doesn’t work. Take heed, your carelessness may burn the innocent or burn you out. Be mindful.

Coldness will come your way and if it can’t be avoided, your skill to deflect or destroy it with your fire is essential. The coldness will find different ways to permeate. Coldness usually comes from below but like snow, it can come from above and like those winter winds come from the sides. Pay attention.

Dressing appropriately won’t suffice. The heat required comes from within, “cuz baby, its cold outside and even when its not, it still is.



To all my fire starters: FLAME ON.

One response to “It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Talk the truth! *singing baby its cold outside*

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