eye ii eye

our eyes met
and everything that she felt,
i saw–the pain, disappointment, rejection.
we hold our stares in search of answers to our questions
she held her stare hoping…
hoping I could say something comforting
i wonder why she can’t accept the morbidly slow process of healing,
no patience…maybe
there is no resolve, just expressions
expressing within, the rip and pull
her abyss of anguish created a saline puddle with ripples
i don’t hold her or make any promises.
i can’t.
our stares draws us closer, my familiar,
i become overwhelmed and I turn off the light,
so I no longer see her in the mirror.







I haven’t written poetry in a long time (the above is a throwback). I wrote this poem after listening to Drake’s “Dong It Wrong” on his sophomore album Take Care. I was washing dishes and thinking how much the situation sucked. Then I thought about what if I took the power away from Drake and gave it to the girl he was singing about…”eye ii eye” was born. That is all.

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