Ms JWilly, Can We Make This Happen?

In the January issue of Wired, Jessica Williams, correspondent on The Daily Show, proclaimed, “The world needs a smart gossip site, and I’m just the person to run it.” I agree and I am here for it. Anyone with a half of brain—that works—will cosign this.* Here’s why it would work:

  1. You have the Oprah blueprint, sorry Jigga.
  2. You follow writers on tumblr, easy staffing. Plus with incentives like yours, who wouldn’t want to work for you?
  3. You’re relatable. People like to relate.
  4. You are filling a niche.
  5. If you build it, they will come.

This is a necessity that needs to become a reality. Let’s Go!



*If I have too much faith in humanity, forgive me.

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