Fix your (type)face…or maybe not.

You have heard it before, it’s not what you say its how you say it, but  now its also what FONT you use. In an article published last week by Fast Company, by Eric Jaffe about the emotional responses to fonts, it was shown that typefaces have their own meaning, like the shade of a side eye. So, despite what you mean to convey with your brand, whether it is a resume, logo or website, your font may throw it off. For example, there is a high probability that typing a resume in Comic Sans will not get you an interview. Why? According to one study in the article, it was rated as being “too childish”. Moreover, Comic Sans triggers emotional responses from agitation to calm. Jaffe concludes with a story about a scholar who purposely changes her reporting typeface to Comic Sans and received both positive and negative feedback and a discussion between Comic Sans and Papyrus.

the side eye by Naomi Cambell source: tumblr

As for me, I knew the ONLY time I would be allowed to get away with using the Papyrus font was for my infographic, so I did it!  I don’t know why designers loathe it–I doubt  its emotional because they ALL can’t dislike the same fonts–but to keep the peace, in Rome, you do as the (Times New) Romans do. Or if you have heart, you can go out with a bang like a Bleeding Cowboy.

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