Lessons Learned: Have a Little Faith

source: unknown

Last week, Murphy’s Law decided to take over. I kept telling myself to keep my cool–it could always be worst. Our current economic crisis has people on the edge. It’s starting to directly and indirectly affect me too. Anyways, I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in a bit, and we hung out with others. She is the type of person that walks around with laughter and silliness–your spirit is guaranteed to be lifted.

As the day turned into night, somehow her mysterious case of temporary blindness that she had a few years ago was brought up. I know what you are thinking. Yes, she was temporarily blind like Stevie Wonder. Yes, she did go to specialists–on both coasts–which did not yield a diagnosis. While she went through her ordeal everyone was worried, (even my parents got involved) except for her.

My loquacious friend told story after story. She recalled the doctors at Presbyterian Hospital suggesting an operation, her mother asked if she wanted to try it, she replied, “Why are they going into my brain if they don’t know what’s wrong? If I could see I would give you ‘that look.’”

Her besties checked in like clockwork, calling her to lift her spirits, but somehow forget that she was blind and say things like, “I saw this nice bag”. What she found even worse was when people around her used to yell at her, in which she had to remind them that she wasn’t deaf, she was blind.

Three weeks went by and nothing changed. She decided enough was enough and took to praying. Day in, day out. Her mother was astonished at her daughter’s faith and joined into the religious practice. The fourth week came around, and my friend began to see things blurry. She kept praying. Today her vision is good (it wasn’t great to begin with) and she is the same girl with an infectious smile I met over 15 years ago. When she was finished telling her epic saga and my abs stopped burning, she calmly explained her theory of her temporary blindness, then she said to me, “I may not have much sense, but I know how to pray. I may not have much sense, but I have faith.”

Moral of story: It could always be worse, but you have to keep on believing and keep on going.


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