Farewell to Hot97’s Angie Martinez, “The Voice of New York”

I never thought that I would be writing this, but here I am.  While scrolling through the Gram, I saw DJ Magic’s post saying goodbye to Angie “The Voice Of New York” Martinez.  I can’t believe it because in my mind Angie and Funk Master Flex are HOT97. I have been listening to Hot97 since 1995, I don’t know anything else. The time slot changed over the years (Angie went from 6-10 to 3-7, followed by Flex), but there was an order of things. As of today, only one remains.

Angie Martinez last show on Hot97.   source: DJ Magic instagram
Angie Martinez last show on Hot97.
source: DJ Magic’s instagram

I don’t remember the first time I heard Auntie Angie’s radio show, I just remember her being there. I remember her interview with Tupac and him saying that he missed Puerto Ricans because he couldn’t relate to Mexicans in L.A. and Angie yelling, “well, here I am!”, she used to play that interview on the anniversary of his death–I taped it. I remember that January night–it was around her birthday, when Biggie came up to the studio for what may have been his last time and she was probing for information (problems with his wife–don’t discuss them), and how it was more of a conversation between two friends with lots of laughter. Biggie was a funny dude. The lates and the greats all sat across from TVONY. She proved that she could run with the big boys (and Big Dawg Pitbulls) with the greatest of ease. Even back in the day  she hosted “Ladies Night” on Friday nights with Coco Chanel and DJ Jazzy Joyce, it showed solidarity among women in hip hop–a rarity.

With longevity comes highs and lows. So much has happened up at Hot97, but Angie always kept her cool behind the mic (just don’t touch her avocado salad). She had her own style of doing things and she got the job done. Years ago when she was interviewing Amare Stoudamire and she confessed that the media training athletes  received was the most challenging to crack among celebrities during interviews, but that didn’t stop her. And I know that she won’t be stopped. She is going to go on and take care of business as usual.

As a fan, thanks for the hip hop memories at HOT97. You will be missed.


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