Write on Time: Part 3

Although this is my last piece inspired by 4:44, the topics I will address have been on my mind for a long time. For example, one idea was another spin off of “Never Change 2.1,” that focused on Hova’s lyrics about his wife, daughter and mother, but I put it on the backburner in another... Continue Reading →


Write on Time: Part 2

Kept inside, the pain is poison, but when artists, especially Black artists, let it out, its genius. But genius is not a typical state with normal expectations; it’s acceptable for a genius to act (or actually be) crazy. In fact we often want that in our Black artists. We expect them to be crazy, love... Continue Reading →

Write on Time: Part 1

  Jay Z has what a lot of rappers don’t have: consistency, longevity, growth and a lush body of work that fans and haters alike analyze to politic about. I’m no different. So about this new album, 4:44...this new masterpiece has people talking because they didn't see it coming. Hov has always understood the power... Continue Reading →


When I got the text about Prodigy, I put everything on hold and I sat in front of the computer unable to speak while clicking on links hoping it was a mistake. It had to be...but it wasn't.  Two days later, my cousin, Tiff asked why I didn't post anything about Prodigy. I explained to... Continue Reading →

Safe Space

The concept of a “safe space” doesn't exist. It's a figment of your imagination. I know, the buzz term makes you comfortable, gives you hope, but it's also farce. Don't believe the hype. That was rather cold of me. I meant no harm, honestly. Could I have said it better? Yeah, my mom dukes would... Continue Reading →

Like Glue

He sat silently in the dark with his legs crossed and his thoughts a million miles away.  His cigarette smoke did a solo until in joined the rest in the cloud slightly above him. His ambience of choice. The light from the afternoon sun coming through a small window was my guide. He asked me to do something... Continue Reading →

Apologies Sold Separately

Often times we celebrate and applaud those who relinquish the burdens of reality and decide in a particular moment to live their life the way they want to, usually with a smile on their face. That #carefreeblackgirl and #blackboyjoy is what my cousin would describe as being “LIT!” They have created and re-created their realities... Continue Reading →

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