Life Lesson: Loyalty & Solidarity

There was a mother and her two daughters were in front of me, while I was walking home this evening. A man coming from the opposite direction walked in between the two girls. After the man passed, the mother said to the girls, "Stay on the same side. Don't ever let anyone come between the... Continue Reading →


Serena Serving

Serena Williams has proved that she knows how serve on and off the courts at the 2015 Wimbledon Champions' Ball.   She is one of the greatest athletes of all time.  

Silence and Violence

One week ago, activist, Brittany β€œBree” Newsome scaled a pole and took down a Confederate battle flag in South Carolina. This is called civil disobedience but as child of 1990’s hip hop, I call it, silence and violence. Those of the Fox News breed will say I am promoting negativity. NOPE, come here, let me... Continue Reading →

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