In the details: Bree Newsome

  When I saw the news about Brittany "Bree" Newsome taking down the Confederate flag, I was in awe. I wanted to get her view and hear her voice. Today, Newsome released a statement in the Blue Nation Review that filled me joy, pain and pride. A must read for all. I thank you and salute you,... Continue Reading →


The Black Dog Project…

I stumbled upon a pet photo series aiming to counter the 'black dog' theory... What??????:             So, even though some four-legged friends can lick their genitals then lick your face its OK, but if its fur is black—they’re not worthy to lick your face after licking their genitals much less owned?:  ... Continue Reading →

Kalief, Everything is Broken

"I was broken in body, soul and spirit.” --Frederick Douglass on being conditioned into a slave. The Narrative of Life of Frederick Douglass They broke him. His name is Kalief Browder. The teenager who defended his innocence of stealing a backpack. Browder wasn’t going to cop a plea for something he didn’t do. His integrity... Continue Reading →

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